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Composite materials are used as construction materials in places where effective insulation is required - both mechanical and electrical insulation. 

You can purchase the material as sheets or machined according to your drawing.

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Machined sheets

glasvavepoxy-g11-disk-m-9hal-400x400.jpgThe sheets can be machined to suit almost any mechanical or electrical application. Machined sheets constitute a large part of our production. In close collaboration with our customers we develop customer-specific components which are subsequently manufactured in the most suitable material

GPO 3 – Glass epoxy sheets

Characteristics: Fire-resistant laminate, electrical arc and tracking resistant. UTR 1494 is a fiberglass, reinforced polyester. Available as a sheet, U-profile, angled form and various tube dimensions. Because of its tracking resistance is generally used for electrical insulations. Great combination of high strength, fire resistance and low smoke – it can be used in many other branches, where safe but economical materials are needed. The standard colour is red or white. Electrical insulating material, highly fire-resistant, non-flammable, low levels of toxic substances, slightly smoky, certified by UL, NEMA.

Glass epoxy sheets G11 (155 °C, 180 °C, 200 °C)

Glass epoxy sheets are made from modified glass fabric and epoxy resin with the addition of filler. It is characterized by excellent mechanical and electrical insulating properties, which keeps even at higher temperatures. It is characterized by resistance to tracking. It is used in the production of components with good mechanical and electrical properties, for electrical equipment at higher temperatures or in humid environments, for stressed electrical insulating components, such as chassis, body equipment, housing parts of distribution boards, transformers, switchgears, electrical machines.

Phenolic paper sheets

Sheets are made of cellulose paper as reinforcement and phenol formaldehyde resins as a binder. Application: Insulating walls in transformers construction, various structural elements, covers, inserts. For high electrical and mechanical strength these materials are suitable for production of insulating rods and electrical switchboards components.

Phenolic cotton sheets

Sheets are made from cotton fabric as reinforcement and cresol formaldehyde resin as a binder. Good resistance to weak acids. At higher temperature can be used as a construction material in machines and equipment construction. It has good mechanical and sliding properties, absorbs shocks. It is used for the production of sliding bearings, bigger gear wheels, rollers, sliding parts of machines and equipment, damping parts, housing parts, levers, connecting rods, protective discs, insulation pads, facings of sliding parts of presses, heavy planing machines, frame saws. It represents a structural material in the construction of machines working in aggressive environments.

It is suitable for the production of various highly mechanically and electrically stressed parts. Identically to Textit J it is used for electrical components with guaranteed dielectric strength and insulation resistance for electrical insulation boards, chassis, body equipment, housing parts of distribution boards and switchgears, electrical machines and transformers.

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