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BEVI offers asynchronous and synchronous generators up to approximately 10000 kW.

Special executions are made on request.

Generators for hydro power

Large generators

Our direct-coupled generators in sizes up to approx. 20 MVA are valued for their high efficiency and quiet running. They are available in voltages up to 13.8 kV and in weights up to about 100 metric tons.

We have supplied a considerable number to the Nordic countries and also to other parts of the world. Supply is through close cooperation with Europe´s leading manufacturers.

Smaller generators

With their rather unique construction, our smaller direct coupled BEVI generators are designed and built at our factory in Blomstermåla. Hydropower generators are built in many different styles up to a few MVA and with special adaptations to the turbine.

Trenger du et spesielt produkt eller en tilpasset løsning?

BEVI Kunnskapsbank

BEVI:s kunnskapsbank samler inn informasjon om våre kompetansområder, elektriske drivsystemer og kraftproduksjon.


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